Our Story

Subpar was founded by Christopher Hudak, in 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As an adolescent Christopher fell in love with golf and quickly became obsessed. Like many avid golfers who are truly obsessed with the sport, love isn’t always enough when each stroke counts. Let’s be real though…. the love of the game isn’t just about what your scorecard says. It’s about passion, dedication, commitment, and being true to your roots.

Christopher was inspired on and off the course to make every stroke count. Any real golfer knows, golf is a game of endurance and mental fortitude. It takes strength and courage on and off the course to achieve greatness.

Subpar was born from the principle that in order to Win With Less, you must be Subpar. To be Subpar you must feel it and believe in it.

Subpar is designed with the golfer in mind. Not just for show and not just for trend appeal. Subpar is to make every stroke count and always be inspired.

Our products are made from the highest quality materials that are ultra lightweight, durable, and of course comfortable. Whether it’s a grueling 18 in the dead of summer or an afternoon of errands with the family. Subpar is about the love of the game, being with loved ones and nature, and always being true to yourself.